BARRY author and marketing expert Hannah Isted, 31, became an Amazon bestseller when her debut business book launched.

On Tuesday, March 26, Hannah's book The Best 90 Days Ever was officially on sale and made it to the bestseller list.

Hannah has been helping small businesses with their marketing since 2015 when she started HI Communications.

And last year she was selected to publish Best 90 Days Ever after winning a book deal with Practical Inspiration Publishing.

Her book and the Facebook membership that inspired it, promises to transform your business marketing in just ten minutes a day.

Barry And District News: Hannah Isted, right, wrote a book offering tips on marketingHannah Isted, right, wrote a book offering tips on marketing (Image: Tom Collins)

Hannah celebrated with a launch party at Tramshed Tech in the Goodsheds on March 27.

In true 'Hannah-style', she used the event as another opportunity to support small local businesses with a buffet from Food for Thought Deli, flowers from Budding Designs Flower Studio (arranged beautifully by Hannah's mum) and a local artist, Lucie Sheridan, drawing guests in her live portrait booth.

Hannah said: "The launch was a night I'll never forget. I am so grateful for all the support, it was incredible to see everyone in that room.

"My husband Tom Collins took some amazing photos of the party at Tramshed and I had a local public speaking expert Charlotte Lewis hosting and asking me questions in front of an audience."

Barry And District News: Hannah launched the book 'Best 90 Days Ever' with a celebration at the GoodshedsHannah launched the book 'Best 90 Days Ever' with a celebration at the Goodsheds (Image: Tom Collins)

Entering a Book Proposal Challenge was a ten minute task of Hannah's that resulted in huge success.

She added: "I know that completing ten minute tasks can create positive change - in my business I started with using the time it would take for me to make a cup of tea to push myself to do something small to benefit the business and then I kept adding in other small amounts.

"Now I'm an author.

"The moment the books landed on our doorstep and I got to open them was surreal."

Barry And District News: Hannah's book is an Amazon best sellerHannah's book is an Amazon best seller (Image: Tom Collins)

Hannah lives in the West End of Barry with husband Tom and their two chocolate labradors Bernie and Lacey.

She said: "I’ve always dreamed of writing a book and in April 2023 I took part in a course that supported me through completing a proposal.

"It was only during that course that I realised I had a concept for a book that could really help small business owners."

The Best 90 Days Ever is available to buy now via Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths.