Students in the Vale of Glamorgan were able to learn about some of the county's history with a special walk.

Students and staff from ValePlus, joined a guided tour hosted by the Victorian Barry Experience team.

The walk centred around the historically significant Broad Street and High Street.

This part of Barry, once known as 'Walkerville', was named after civil engineer, Thomas Andrew Walker, credited for shaping the local area.

On the tour, mayor of Barry, Cllr Ian Johnson said: "It was a delight to meet students from ValePlus once again and to hear their questions about the streets on High Street and Broad Street which they walk everyday, in and around the Chapel on High Street."

He also highlighted the region's rich history, saying it's a "wonderful reminder of the history which exists within Barry, and the individuals who built the town."

On Mr Walker he said: “Thomas Andrew Walker, for example, was a civil engineer also responsible for the construction of the Severn Tunnel and the District Line on London Underground, as well as his work on Barry Dock and Railway, and who literally left his mark on buildings in Barry’s West End if you look carefully at some of those which he built in the 1880s.”