Barry business owners are opening a factory in the Caerphilly borough with the aim of improving vehicle performance and environmental responsibility.

The directors of the company Performance Emissions are set to open a cutting-edge factory in Abercarn, producing 250,000 fuel conditioner tablets daily.

These fuel pills have demonstrated an ability to enhance vehicle MPG by up to 47 per cent while eradicating 100 per cent of harmful carbon emissions from both diesel and petrol engines, according to the directors.

This groundbreaking initiative could substantially reduce fuel costs for households across Wales and support the Welsh Government's ambitious Net Zero targets without requiring additional infrastructure.

The fuel conditioner pill, known as Powerboost, has undergone rigorous testing, including trials in Spain and a comprehensive study at Bristol University.

The university's findings are due for release later this month.

Caerphilly County Borough Council is exploring possibilities to implement the tablet across their vehicle fleet to decrease carbon emissions.

This is exemplary of the product's versatility, with potential usage in various industries from rail and haulage to motor vehicles.

Performance Emissions is committed to a greener, cleaner Wales and their fuel initiative could save users an estimated 35 per cent in annual fuel expenditure while also prolonging fuel lifespan.