VALE restaurants feature heavily in the 7th Food Awards Wales 2024.

The Food Awards Wales has to be one of the most comprehensive competition's on the culinary award circuit celebrating everything from 'restaurant of the year' to ‘dessert outlet of the year’ – and yes there is a Vale restaurant in that category.

For Barry, a classic Indian restaurant and a popular takeaway feature.

Barry and Penarth finalists for The 7th Food Awards Wales 2024

Restaurant of the Year Southeast

  • Pickford’s Galley & Bar (Penarth)
  • Home at Penarth (Penarth)

Takeaway of the year

  • Tiffin Rasoi (Barry)

Best Hotel Restaurant of the Year

  • Glendale Hotel, Villa Napoli Restaurant (Penarth)

Best Fish N’ Chips Establishment

  • Plassey Fish Bar  (Penarth)

Best Indian Establishment

  • Royal Balti (Barry)

Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year

  • Home (Penarth)

Dessert Outlet of the Year

  • The Crepe Escape (Penarth)        

Barry And District News: Royal Balti Barry has received many awards for their foodRoyal Balti Barry has received many awards for their food (Image: Oceanic Consulting)

Barry And District News: Tiffin Rasoi up for an awardTiffin Rasoi up for an award (Image: Google Maps)

The 7th Food Awards Wales 2024 celebrating 'resilience and creativity'

The awards look to honour the top culinary destinations in Wales while recognising the hard work and efforts of those committed to always providing the country with the freshest of products and amazing delights.

A spokesperson for The 7th Food Awards Wales said: “It’s an honour for us to highlight the top food establishments and businesses that have stood out amongst the rest in the Welsh food industry

“This year’s finalists reflect the resilience and creativity of countless chefs, producers, employees and managers who are always ensuring that locals and visitors eat well.

"We want to congratulate all of our finalists on their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck.”

The finalists will be announced in a ceremony at Cardiff City Stadium on April 29.