SOUTH Wales Police has attempted to reassure the public after recent cases of people carrying weapons in Barry.

On March 6, James Taylor, of the town’s Jewel Street, was sentenced after being found in possession of a knife.

On March 4, Nathan Anning, of Harvey Street, was sentenced for walking down busy residential street Gladstone Road with a knife.

The most recent court case has seen Michael Cross, of the town’s Osprey Court, found with a knuckleduster.

Vale MP Alun Cairns has also joined the police in reiterating the importance of keeping streets safe.

SWP has reiterated the effects of using a knife can be “devastating” and highlighted Operation Sceptre in tackling the scourge of knife attacks.

Superintendent Esyr Jones said: “Levels of knife offences in the UK have risen over the last few years, and South Wales is no different to anywhere else in that respect.

“Thankfully, levels of those offences remain lower here than many other parts of the UK, and, generally, South Wales is a safe place to live, to work, and to be.

“But even one instance of knife crime is one too many, and tackling the harm that knife crime causes is an absolute priority for South Wales Police.

“We are here to keep people as safe as possible, and – under the banner of Operation Sceptre – our teams are working hard every day to reassure our communities and to disrupt the small minority who are intent on carrying knives, especially where the most vulnerable are put at risk.

“Our dedicated Op Sceptre teams are having a really positive impact, and we are also using stop-search in a fair and proportionate manner to ensure our streets are as safe as possible.

“However, we are also determined to address the root causes of knife crime and are working closely with the Wales Violence Prevention Unit and other partners – including education services and trading standards – as part of a public health approach to the issue of knife crime, to prevent people from carrying knives in the first place.

“We also engage with members of the community, including young people, to emphasise the fact that picking up a knife is always the wrong choice.

“Not only will carrying a knife not protect you, but it will actually make you much less safe.”

Barry And District News: One of the men was caught on Gladstone Rd, which has a school and a family centre on itOne of the men was caught on Gladstone Rd, which has a school and a family centre on it (Image: Google Maps)

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MP Alun Cairns said: “It is crucial that we work to keep our streets safe.

 “Local residents should feel reassured in that we now have more police officers on the streets than ever before, but naturally, there is always more to do on this.”

Barry And District News: A man had a knife while attempting to rob Poundland in BarryA man had a knife while attempting to rob Poundland in Barry (Image: Google Maps)

Superintendent Jones added: “Please think about this if you carry a knife. Please think how you would feel if someone you care about saw you carrying a knife, copied you, and something later happened to them. Please think about how your future could be ruined if you are caught carrying or using a knife.

“If you have concerns about knife crime, or you think someone might be carrying a knife, please have a conversation with them. Please also speak to us if you think someone is carrying a knife – it can be difficult, but it will help ensure that that weapon can’t be used to cause serious injury, or worse.

“If you prefer, you can contact Crimestoppers, completely anonymously.”