A DRUG dealer who was caught in Barry with a significant amount of cannabis has been sent to prison for 18 months.

When Clinton Simms was stopped outside a property on Ogmore Place in January he was said to be acting evasively before tooting his horn repeatedly to alert associates in the area.

The property at Ogmore Place was searched by police and found to have cannabis in it and Simms, 23, had a burner phone on him with messages related to drug dealing.

Simms, who lives in Ely, Cardiff, with his mother, also had this address searched by officers who found significantly more cannabis in it – over three kilos.

Father of a one-year-old daughter, Simms began drug dealing within weeks of release from prison for a previous offence, saying he did it to support him family.

Barry And District News: Simms got 18 months in prison after being picked up in BarrySimms got 18 months in prison after being picked up in Barry (Image: SWP)

Simms tale of woe was eye raising. His father was murdered during his childhood and in 2019, Simms was kidnapped.

The ordeal, which took place when he was just 19, left Simms so terrified he refused to give evidence against the perpetrators during trial.

However, despite the lack of evidence submitted on Simms part, the perpetrators were jailed in HMP Cardiff, the same prison Simms’ father’s murderer was incarcerated – and this is the facility Simms is terrified he will end up in.

Simms also suffered from cannabis addiction while at one point he was a registered carer for his mother who is an alcoholic.

Barry And District News: Bags of drugs and scales were recovered from arrestBags of drugs and scales were recovered from arrest (Image: SWP)

At the time of his arrest at Ogmore Place, a spokesperson for South Wales Police said: "As a result of an arrest in Barry, on Sunday evening (January 21) officers from Barry and Ely Neighbourhood Policing Teams searched a property in the street.

"They found more than 3.5kg of cannabis, along with 174 jars of cannabis ready to sell and £2,635 cash inside DVD cases."

Barry And District News: Ogmore Place, where Simms was arrestedOgmore Place, where Simms was arrested (Image: Google Maps)

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On sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court on March 12, Judge Shoman Kahn said Simms had been “peddling misery”.

Judge Kahn said: “It is quite clear to me this was a proper retail enterprise made more serious because you had not long been released from prison.

“You understand the impact drugs have on communities and you understand you are peddling misery.”

Simms, of Archer Crescent, Ely, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and eight and nine month sentences to run concurrently for two charges of supply of cannabis and two charges of possessing criminal property.