Vale of Glamorgan women came together to support and empower each other this International Women's Day.

Local business owners gathered at a free business event to inspire and encourage each other towards greater success.

The event was organised by Ashley McMath Stephens of Box Edit Boutique and Lois Nolan of Annie & Lolo at Goodsheds.

Ms McMath Stephens said: "This International Women’s Day, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the growing number of women-run businesses in the area, celebrate success stories and offer a space for mutual support and connection."

The gathering provided a platform for four local speakers to discuss the significance of mutual support amongst women, fostering the belief that "when women support women, amazing things can happen".

Speakers included Goodsheds-based business coach Cassandra Bodington, founder of fashion brand Black & Beech Stacey Grant-Canham, entrepreneur Rupali Wagh, and Vicky Friis, chief executive of Vale Domestic Abuse Services.

The panel highlighted the importance of community and values in business growth, sharing advice on starting and expanding a business.

The event not only fostered a sense of community among female entrepreneurs but also raised funds for Vale Domestic Abuse Services.

Ms Nolan emphasized this dual mission, stating: "When women support women, amazing things can happen.

"It’s great that this event has brought together the vast knowledge and skills of so many brilliant local women, whilst also raising awareness of Vale Domestic Abuse Services; a charity that day in-day out supports women."

Goodsheds is home to food, drink, lifestyle and retail businesses where 80 per cent of the owners are women.