A much-loved children's television animation, The Raccoons, is set to return in book form, thanks to Cardiff-based publisher Candy Jar Books.

The indie publishers recently acquired the rights to publish new books based on the classic children's series.

The Raccoons, created by Kevin Gillis, follows characters such as Bert Raccoon and his best friend Cedric Sneer.

In its heyday during the mid-’80s and early ’90s, the Canadian animation combined anarchic humour with emotive storytelling.

The TV show, originally aired on the BBC, stressed the importance of environmental consciousness through stories about Cyril Sneer, a greedy aardvark, damaging the Evergreen Forest for profit.

After years of merchandising through various licensing deals, including games, toys and cocoa, Run With Us Productions, the company behind the TV series, will venture into children's novels for the first time.

These books are penned by notable authors including John Peel, Iain McLaughlin and Chris McGuire.

Designed as easy-read novels, they feature seven chapters each and are called 'Cry Wolf!', 'The One That Got Away', and 'Blast from the Past.'

Additionally, the books carry QR codes for interactive videos and music content.

To coincide with the books, Candy Jar Books has entered a partnership to relaunch The Raccoons TV series on BritBox/ITVX and The Roku Channel.

The publishers will release the titles in March 2024.