Former Wales manager Chris Coleman has declared Gareth Bale the "most successful" British player to compete overseas.

Speaking on William Hill and Footy Accumulators' No Tippy Tappy Football podcast, Mr Coleman lavished praise on the former Real Madrid star who won four Champions League titles during his Spanish tenure.

Mr Coleman said: "He’s the best player Wales have ever had.

"I also think he’s the most successful British player to ever go abroad, he won four Champions League titles, no one has ever done that from Britain."

He described coaching Gareth Bale as "easy", owing to his exceptional talent.

He elaborated: "You don’t have to coach players who are that good, you’ve just got to make sure they have got what they need!"

Mr Coleman also shared the alterations to formations he made to compliment both Gareth Bale and Caerphilly-born Aaron Ramsey.

"We built the team around Gareth and Aaron Ramsey," he said.

His strategy rounded out the team's defence and maximized their attack potential, demonstrating Bale's significant influence on the team's tactics.