A NEW café has opened in Barry and if you have food intolerances or allergies it could be the culinary answer you've been searching for.

Heavenly Vegan Coffi opened on the high street on Tuesday, February 27, and everything in the café is vegan.

That might be surprising when you look on the menu and find all day breakfast, meatball pasta and 'ultimate chicken dinner', however owners mother and daughter partnership Sarah and Jenna Powney have come up with an extensive menu that is delicious and kind to the environment.

The meat’s plant-based, the scrambled eggs are tofi, and the cakes are…lush!

Daughter in the partnership Jenna, from Risca, said veganism is such a thing now, why not branch out with eateries devoted entirely to the cuisine.

“There’s a lot more awareness for it now,” said Jenna. “There are a lot of people out there who cannot have dairy products, but those with allergies and intolerances can come here and have whatever they want.”

Barry And District News: Mother and daughter team Sarah and Jenna PowneyMother and daughter team Sarah and Jenna Powney (Image: Newsquest)

We were listening intently, however the real sell was in the tasting. Could we be satisfied with an entirely vegan menu? The answer was a big fat yes. We had the avocado on toast served with fresh rocket salad, crispy onions and sweet chilli sauce, and it was delicious.

The coffees are made with oat milk, the breads are locally sourced from Vale baker Ground - with a bakery in Sully - the cakes are baked on-site and that avocado we had, came from the veg shop on the high street.

The café is dog friendly and you don’t have to buy just a coffee and a slice of sourdough toast or a vegan chocolate brownie roll, you can buy whole loaves of bread there too.

Barry And District News: Everything in the café is veganEverything in the café is vegan (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: The avocado on toastThe avocado on toast (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: The cakes are baked in houseThe cakes are baked in house (Image: Newsquest)

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Mum in the partnership Sarah, from Penarth, said Barry’s high street was already vibrant and fellow businesses were hugely supportive and welcoming.

She said Heavenly Vegan adds a little bit more of that old-school charm that is already thriving on Barry’s (highly underrated in our opinion) high street.

“We are helping bring back some of the old school,” said Sarah. “Shop using local products and businesses.

“There is a great little local shopping scene going on on Barry high street.”

We highly agree.

Heavenly Vegan Coffi is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 4.30pm.