A GROUP of teenagers based in the Vale of Glamorgan has won an award for for its work to raise awareness of sexual harassment of girls in Wales.

Her Voice Wales was given the Celebrating Youth Work Excellence in Wales last Friday.

The group aims to raise awareness about the issue of catcalling and sexual harassment targeted towards girls.

Members are made up of girls aged 13 to 17 from across the country, who work with the Council’s Youth Service and won an award at a ceremony in Llandudno.

Its members want to raise awareness of the prevalence of catcalling and sexual harassment directed at girls.

Cllr Ruba Sivagnanam, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Equalities and Regulatory Services said: “The work Her Voice Wales has done is incredibly impressive.

“Not only have its members researched and reported on a serious issue affecting young people, but they have also brought it to the attention of key decision-makers.

“This award is richly rewarded for an initiative that has made a genuine impact, improving street safety for girls in the Vale and beyond.”

Her Voice Wales produced a report on how to improve street safety, which has been presented to a range of audiences, including members of the council’s cabinet and the Welsh Government.

The teenagers' efforts have seen them win this Welsh Government award, which honours exceptional youth work contributions across the county, in the category of Demonstrating Excellence in Partnership Planning and Delivery at a Local Level.

Cllr Sivagnanam added: “This award is richly rewarded for an initiative that has made a genuine impact, improving street safety for girls in the Vale and beyond.

“We want everyone in our communities to feel safe, and, though evidence suggests most do, there is always room for improvement.

“Sexual harassment among girls is completely unaccepted, but, sadly, it is a real problem that needs to be addressed.”

Her Voice Wales started the #wedon’tfeelsafecampagin to encourage young people to report incidents of harassment, while prominent individuals, such as Council Leader Lis Burnett, have pledged to publicise the problem.

The group has also come up with ideas to improve street safety, including the creation of Safe Spaces, an initiative that involves asking businesses across the Vale to display a sticker in their windows indicating that is a safe place to enter.

When someone is feeling vulnerable, they can use this location as a refuge.

“These young people have been brave enough to confront this issue head on, coming up with a number of practical suggestions to bring about change.”