A PICK-up truck without number plates fly-tipped waste while driving along a Vale beauty spot.

The incident unfolded as authorities received reports of illegal waste disposal in a residential area via social media.

Witnesses identified a yellow-coloured pick-up truck that was in the process of fly-tipping at Leckwith Hill.

The vehicle was not displaying any number plates, but photographic and video footage was submitted to the Vale’s enforcement services by members of the public. 

The former showed the vehicle proceeding along Leckwith Hill, with waste continuing to be tipped as the vehicle was in motion, showing a careless regard for other road users.

Two suspects were promptly issued with £300 Fixed Penalty Notices, however, one of the suspects still hasn’t paid their FPN and could now be prosecuted for that offence. 

Such offences are triable either-way - they can be both summary and indictable and so can be heard before the Magistrates or escalated to the Crown Court. 

If summary convicted, the suspect could receive an unlimited fine or if convicted on indictment, could receive the same fine as well as well as a period of imprisonment.

Barry And District News: Picturesque Leckwith Hill where fly-tippers were driving along dumping wastePicturesque Leckwith Hill where fly-tippers were driving along dumping waste (Image: Google Maps)

Cllr Mark Wilson, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood and Building Services, said waste disposal like this will not be tolerated.

“We are resolute in our commitment to catching fly-tippers and preserving our environment,” said Cllr Wilson.

“By holding offenders accountable and enforcing strict penalties, we send a clear message: illegal waste disposal will not be tolerated.

“The collaborative effort between the public and our enforcement services means we can safeguard the beauty of our surroundings and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

A Vale Council spokesperson added: “It is imperative that we continue to prioritize environmental stewardship and work together to create a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

“Report environmental offenses promptly to ensure swift action and uphold the integrity of our communities. Together, we can make a difference in preserving our beloved planet.”