A VALE of Glamorgan charity that makes quilts for children experiencing trauma and illness has recently celebrated its second anniversary.

Volunteers at Project Linus in the Vale of Glamorgan have donated more than 550 quilts since the organisation was founded in February 2022.

Quilts made by volunteers have gone on to children and young people who are coping with serious long-term illness, physical and mental health challenges, or traumatic experiences.

Karen Heenan-Davies, one of the volunteers at the charity, said the idea of the charity stemmed from the character Linus from Peanuts.

She said: “Project Linus started in the USA before starting in Europe, it started in the Vale two months ago and the idea is to make quilts for children experiencing trauma or health challenges.

“The idea stemmed from Snoopy and the character Linus who is always carrying a blanket around for comfort, and we started to make quilts for children in the Vale.

“Making the quilts makes you feel like you are helping someone, as they’re all youngsters who need a hug which they can keep in the form of a blanket.”

The Vale of Glamorgan charity celebrated its second anniversary last weekend and is marking the occasion with an open day and craft fair at Sully Social Club on Saturday, March 2.

The event will take place between 10am and 3pm and will raise funds to purchase materials and equipment. Visitors will be able to see examples of completed quilts and buy jewellery, cards, and crocheted items from local crafters.

Ms Heenan-Davies added: “We don’t know the child’s identity but are given information based on their likes and dislikes and we make quilts according to their interests.

“We have had so much praise of how our quilts have helped children, the kids love them and it’s a worthwhile cause to be part of.”

The group is now looking to expand further into the Vale, reaching out to schools, care workers and health professionals.

Since January, a further 40 volunteers have joined the group donating their time and design to sew quilts that appeal to children’s tastes and interests.

Anyone who wants information about the charity can contact vogprojectlinus@gmail.com