AN EX-Royal Air Force serviceman will host an exclusive book signing event for his new book in St Athan this weekend.

Ade Pitman, a former RAF serviceman, self-published his new book The Peace Dividend, which is a memoir of his time serving in the Royal Air Force and describes his part in preventing the escalation of the Cold War.

The university lecturer at the University of South Wales will be hosting a book signing event at the South Wales Aviation Museum, on Sunday, March 3, from 1pm until 4pm.

He said: “I didn’t do anything heroic or exceptional. Like everyone who served, I was just doing my bit to keep the world safe and free.

“It was a different time, where snowflakes were something that we saw on detachment to Canada and being woke was when you had overslept and were being dragged out of bed by one of your mates.”

Barry And District News: Ade Pitman to host book signing of new book ' 'The Peace Dividend' in St Athan, Sunday, March 3

The Peace Dividend is published by Cardiff-based publisher, Candy Jar Books – the same publisher who published the popular Second World War veteran, Eileen Younghusband’s book, One Woman’s War.

Mr Pitman added: “Elieen and I spoke often about her books, and she was an inspiration to me when writing mine.”

After leaving the Royal Air Force due to defence cuts, Mr Pitman worked as a civilian contractor on BAE Hawk aircraft for the Hawk Detachment at St Athan. He then upskilled as an Airframe/Propulsion technician and was part of the first intake of Adult Apprentices.

The book signing will be next to the Tornado aircraft like those that he helped to maintain at St Athan.