A BUSINESS in Barry will celebrate its one-year anniversary with an event at the local library this weekend.

Barry Repair Café will mark its first anniversary with a repair event in Barry Library on Saturday, March 2.

Volunteers at the repair café have saved more than 380 items going to landfill, repaired many household items and restored most loved items.

Jo Hart, Barry Repair Café lead: “We started Barry Repair café one year ago, we aimed to help reduce waste, to share skills and to bring people together.

“Almost everything we repair is precious or valued by its owner for many different reasons.

Barry And District News: These 70-year-old dolls were restored to life. Picture: Jo HartThese 70-year-old dolls were restored to life. Picture: Jo Hart (Image: Jo Hart)"I watch tender, gentle restorations of family clocks and wedding presents, hilarious hour-long de-clogging of favourite vacuums, and wide-eyed children watching their toys return to life.

“It’s a joy to watch our repairers band together to fix something tricky, among much mickey-taking is a true team of brilliant and kind people.”

A recent restoration of two 70-year-old bisque dolls, involved many hours of 3D printing, clay modelling and gentle damage repair to create a new leg for one of the dolls.

A volunteer at the Barry Repair Café said: “I fell in love with poor Rosie Doll, I spent a fair amount of time with her, and she became beautiful again.”

This event is being supported by Repair Café Wales, which has created a network of volunteer-led Repair Cafés across Wales.

The values of this network are centred around reducing waste, building community, and sharing skills.

Ms Hart added: “Our venue has become our extra volunteer; Barry Library is essential to our success.

"They support us in every way they can, constantly on hand to assist with any problem and we love doing their repair jobs, it’s a fabulous relationship.”

The Repair Café in Barry is inviting people to come along and enjoy some coffee and cake.