LOOKING at the Barry skyline recently you might have noticed there is one thing missing… Barry Pleasure Park’s Aerospace!

One of the tallest rides in Europe and only one of two to have been built, the ride usually towers over the island at a whopping 215ft (65metres), but it is not currently there…

Pleasure Park owner Henry Danter says he's had enquiries about where it has gone from as far as Minehead - across the Bristol Channel from Barry - where Mr Danter says residents of the English seaside town can see Aerospace on a clear night!

Barry And District News: Where's Aerospace gone?Where's Aerospace gone? (Image: Newsquest)

Fear not though, Aerospace is on site - packed away leaving an unbroken view of rain clouds over Barry Island at the moment.

And when Aerospace gets unpacked there could be changes…

Barry Pleasure Park is considering moving Aerospace to a new location to give thrill seekers a different view from the top of the ride.

Barry And District News: Aerospace usually towers over the parkAerospace usually towers over the park (Image: Barry Pleasure Park)

Barry And District News: It's currently not there...It's currently not there... (Image: Newsquest)

There are rumours Aerospace could be put where the ice rink was over Christmas.

Aerospace has been pulled down, partly for maintenance, but also because Barry Pleasure Park are making improvements to the car park site the ride usually proudly stands in.

Barry And District News: Unbroken grey clouds in the distanceUnbroken grey clouds in the distance (Image: Newsquest)

Pirate ship and new dodgems coming to Barry Island Pleasure Park this summer!

In his emphatic style, Barry Pleasure Park owner Henry Danter insists this summer is going to be the biggest and best at the pleasure park, with customers from all over the world to be thrilled by the experience.

Barry And District News: Thrill seekers on one of Europe's tallest ridesThrill seekers on one of Europe's tallest rides (Image: Barry Pleasure Park)

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Along with Aerospace potentially moving, there could be further changes coming to the park, with new rides installed including a classic pirate ship according to Mr Danter.

The dodgem cars are to be upgraded and there’s to be new ride "Freakout" coming - made by the same company that builds Aerospace (that might give you some clue of what to expect...).

Barry and District News says we have had quite enough of the rain and roll on summer on the island!