Calls for a relief road on the M4 have been ongoing for years as the main motorway in Wales is allegedly a constant source of gridlocked congestion. 

Now, Labour leadership candidate Vaughan Gething has been challenged over his changing stance on the plans for a relief road on the M4. 

The plans were originally scrapped in 2019  with First Minister Mark Drakeford citing expenses and environmental concerns as his main reasons for making the decision. 

Mr Gething, however, had posted a Tweet in October 2018 voicing his support for the planned relief road. 

The Tweet, posted in the afternoon of October 22, 2018, read: "Doing nothing is no longer an option on the M4 relief road. Businesses across South and West Wales need certainty that the M4 will not be left as it is. 

"I am determined that we will act and go ahead with an M4 relief road."

However, he has seemingly changed his stance, according to South East Wales MS Natasha Asghar, who says the M4 has been "gridlocked" almost constantly with traffic "brought to a standstill". 

Ms Asghar quoted the 2018 Tweet to Mr Gething while speaking in the Senedd on February 7.

She said: "Those are not my words minister, they are yours.

“So does that mean if you become the next first minister you will end this government’s anti-business agenda and finally build the much-needed M4 relief road, or are you going to be flip-flopping on that issue too?”

Mr Gething responded: "Actually, there is real pressure on capital budgets here in the Welsh Government and it is simply not a credible choice to say that the M4 relief road is going to happen.”

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After the exchange Ms Asghar said she was upset to see Mr Gething "completely back track" on his support of the relief road. 

She added: "Relentless traffic jams and hold-ups on the M4 not only cause major misery for motorists, but businesses too, and is making Wales a more difficult place to do business.

“The Welsh Government must end its anti-driver, anti-business, anti-growth agenda and build the much-needed M4 relief road.

“Residents, businesses, and tourists need, and deserve, a transport network which is fully functioning and fit for the 21st century.”