THERE are warnings of ‘love bombing’ this Valentine’s Day as figures reveal up to 46 domestic abuse crimes happen every day in South Wales.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day of love, however for some, it can be terrifying.

A domestic abuse support service says being bombarded with cards, flowers and gifts are not always true indicators of love or a respectful relationship.

According to Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Support Services, “love bombing” is where an abusive partner is excessive and obsessive, using emotional abuse and coercive control over their partner.

In cases such as these LDASS say the abuser can be intense and seek early and premature commitment.

Almost 17,000 domestic abuse crimes recorded in South Wales last year

Almost 17,000 (16,873) domestic abuse crimes were recorded by South Wales Police in the last year alone - this accounts for 15 per cent of all crimes reported to the force last year, according to an investigation by Personal Injury Claims UK.

Seventy-two per cent of victims were female, 24 per cent were male, while four per cent of victims had a different gender definition or the gender was unknown, according to South Wales Police.

The highest number of domestic abuse crimes was recorded in September 2023, with 1,559 cases.

The lowest figures were logged in April 2023, with 1,323 domestic abuse crimes across South Wales.

A spokesperson for Personal Injury Claims UK said suffering violence in a domestic capacity can be “daunting”.

“Suffering domestic violence at the hands of an individual or organisation can be incredibly daunting.

“Victims may seek justice, an apology or compensation - anything to provide closure or solace.

“ has a team of criminal injury experts.

“We operate a 24-hour helpline and live chat service which you can access on our website,”