IT WOULD breathe life back into Barry if it’s true!

There are rumours circulating today, February 13, that Gavin and Stacey will return to film a Christmas Special this year.

First reported on showbiz website Deadline, the sitcom from James Corden and Ruth Jones will film a new episode over the summer with a view to airing at Christmas time.

The BBC have declined to comment on the rumours, but surely there can’t be smoke without fire, can there?

As soon as the Barry and District News found out Nessa, Smithy and the gang could be returning we had to call Barry’s number one fan, Barry’s very own Nessa, “Knock off Nessa” Karyn Barrett.

Ms Barrett has to be Barry’s biggest Nessa fan, running tours throughout summer on the hit TV show including visiting Gavin and Stacey’s actual house (officially Glenda Kenyon’s home...) on Trinity Street which was not only a key location, but has since become a shrine to the show.

Ms Barrett says if the rumours are true Gavin and Stacey is actually returning, and if they are coming back to film in Barry, it will be the biggest thing for the town, ever!

“It would be the most amazing thing to have happen in Barry," said Ms Barrett, “To have a Christmas special would make most people’s Christmas.”

Barry And District News: Is a new Christmas special of the show on the cards?Is a new Christmas special of the show on the cards? (Image: PA)

The remnants of Gavin and Stacey are very much alive in Barry. You’ll find a picture of Smithy, James Corden, at Marcos on the Island, a burger van themed on Uncle Bryn, and of course there is the house on Trinity Street - but cast members have also returned to the town.

Gavin's mum and dad Mick and Pam, Larry Lamb and Alison Steadman, recently returned to Barry in their TV road trip from Billeracy to Barry.

And Neil the Baby has been spotted in the town a few times. Most recently he returned to Barry at Christmas for a charity event.

One of the questions we asked Karyn is, if Gavin and Stacey is returning, what storylines does the new shows have to address? The big one was obviously, did Smithy and Nessa end up getting married?

Ms Barrett also added: “I would definitely like to find out what happened on Uncle Bryn’s fishing trip.

“Also, are they going to do a spin-off, including the children?”

This prompted wild theories about what Neil the Baby would get up to in his teenage years.

Barry And District News: Karyn Barrett aka 'knock off Nessa' runs tours on the showKaryn Barrett aka 'knock off Nessa' runs tours on the show (Image: Karyn Barrett)

Barry And District News: Stars have returned to the town, including Neil the baby (black cap) at ChristmasStars have returned to the town, including Neil the baby (black cap) at Christmas (Image: Karyn Barrett)

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But there was also a serious side to all these rumours according to Ms Barrett, who said, if filming does return to Barry, it could really help regenerate the town.

“I think for Barry town itself and the Island, it would bring so much back to Barry and South Wales,” said Ms Barrett.

“It is the biggest question I get asked; is there going to be a new series?

“It is what the public have been asking for for years.”

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