IN WHAT was described as a terrifying ordeal for the victim, a man from Barry called his former partner almost 400 times in one day, put a tracker on her car, and spied on her using different vehicles.

Daryl Gronow, 39, has subsequently been made subject of a Stalking Protection Order (SPO).

Gronow, of Spring Street, Barry, engaged in a terrifying campaign of stalking, intimidation, and threats towards his former partner, said South Wales Police.

Elinor Spiers-Morgan, South Wales Police Stalking Coordinator, said: “The man’s behaviour was fixated, obsessive and unwanted.

“On one occasion he bombarded his former partner with almost 400 calls from a withheld number in the space of one day, he put a tracker on her car, and on another occasion, he was seen on CCTV attending her home address and peering in through the windows.”

In court documents, it was said Gronow carried out acts including prowling around his victim's address, using different vehicles to spy on her, following her in her car, damaging her car, making threats towards her partner, being verbally abusive towards her and her partner, sending excessive unwanted contacts, using tracking devices to stalk her, and making vexatious complaints to police against her.

South Wales Police say the five-year order, which was granted on January 18, 2024, provides much-needed protection for the victim and her new partner.

As part of the SPO, Gronow must not approach, contact, or conduct surveillance of those named within the order.

Ms Morgan Spiers added: “We hope the Stalking Protection Order provides her much reassurance and confidence to go about her daily business knowing that additional protection is in place.”

Breaching a Stalking Protection Order is a criminal offence and can lead to a prison sentence of up to five years.