A BARRY family begin the long hard road to find out what happened when a pregnant 25-year-old and her unborn baby unexpectedly died.

Megan Gardiner died at her family home on Barry Road in June 2022, a week after her last hospital appointment. She was 17 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

At a pre-inquest hearing at Pontypridd Coroners Court on February 2, the family of Ms Gardiner questioned why their daughter wasn’t given access to anticonvulsant medicine Sodium Valproate. They also claimed that when Ms Gardiner fell pregnant and informed health professionals she was epileptic, she was advised to reduce her medication.

At the hearing, representative of the family Cliodhna Kelleher explained: “Why was Megan not on a more effective medication which might have controlled her epilepsy?”

The NHS website says sodium valproate "is used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder.

“It's occasionally used to prevent migraine headaches. The medicine is only available on prescription.

“If taken during pregnancy, sodium valproate can cause problems for a baby's development.”

Ms Kelleher went on to describe how the family feel they have not been given a full picture of the circumstances around Megan’s death.

Speaking on behalf of the family, she went on to say: “The system for access to an important epileptic drug (sodium valproate) is highly restrictive.

“Access to this drug breaches protecting the life of Megan who could not get access to it.”   

Megan’s family, including mother Alison Woolcock and sister Tesni Gardiner, are questioning what happened to Meghan on the fateful day in June, where she died following a seizure in bed.

Megan was discovered the following morning by her mother Ms Woolcock.

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Barry And District News: Megan died in June 2022Megan died in June 2022 (Image: Alison Woolcock)

At the time, Megan was being treated with drugs Lamotrigine, Brivaracetam and Zonisamide due to the severity of her epilepsy.

Megan was known to her family as a thoughtful, caring woman who would have made a fantastic mother.