IT LOOKS as though it might be some time before work on land earmarked for an ambitious caravan park will resume after the Vale planning committee agreed to continue to place an enforcement notice on its owner.

Barry Pleasure Park boss Henry Danter has a number of plans for the site he owns between Ty Hafan Childrens Hospice and Beechwood College on the picturesque Sully coastline.

Planning applications are in with the council - one to put storage containers on the site – which has not yet been granted - and another to build a new fence on the site – which has been granted - as well as a ‘change of use’ application - still to be considered - which would pave the way for Mr Danter to attempt to achieve his dream of building a caravan park on the site.

However, Mr Danter is struggling just to build a fence at the moment, with Vale Council placing both a temporary stop notice and an enforcement notice on the site in December over concerns unauthorised ground works were being undertaken without planning permission.

At the time, Mr Danter claimed his team were just clearing topsoil off the roads on the site so they could get round it.

However, this didn’t wash with the Vale Council, who placed the stop notices - meaning work must halt immediately - on the site, and it looks as though those notices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In the first planning meeting of 2024, held on January 25, principal planner and appeals and enforcement officer Sarah Feist explained the situation.

Ms Feist said: “In March last year we made a temporary enforcement notice for unauthorised grounds engineering works undertaken on the land. Following this all works on the site seized.

“There were further complaints made in December. Investigations confirmed land was being cleared again. Pieces of the ground were being reprofiled and areas levelled with physical changes in the appearance of the site.

“Officers considered in the absence of a planning application that demonstrated this work would not have an impact on biodiversity, archaeology and potential contamination, the works were found to be unacceptable.

“It was therefore considered enforcement action should be taken as a matter of urgency and a temporary stop notice and enforcement notice was reviewed on December 21, 2023.”

Barry And District News: Henry Danter's plans in his ambitions for a holiday camp at Hayes RoadHenry Danter's plans in his ambitions for a holiday camp at Hayes Road (Image: Newsquest)

Barry And District News: The view into Henry Danters land from Ty Hafan and the gap betweenThe view into Henry Danters land from Ty Hafan and the gap between (Image: Newsquest)

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At the time the notice was enforced, Mr Danter said his team were doing work they were entitled to do.

“We need to make money out of the land,” said Mr Danter back in December. “We will use it for whatever we can. I think the holiday park is the best option, but we will do what we can with it.”

The holiday park plans have proven contentious, with Ty Hafan itself, as well as numerous supporters of the hospice, speaking out against the proposals, saying they are concerned it will spoil the vital tranquillity of the site.

At the planning meeting on January 25, Ms Feist went on to say that since the notices were issued a site meeting was held with Mr Danter and it was confirmed no other works have since been undertaken.

Enforcement notices were recommended by officers which was agreed by the council’s planning committee.