ONE of the men behind GlastonBARRY is now turning his attention to another Vale cultural gem, and he has big plans.

In a shake-up to how the castle is run, Barry-born Ross Mackintosh is taking over the management of events at Fonmon Castle.

While classics such as Halloween, Christmas, and Paranormal Nights, are all still on the calendar (with exciting new twists coming), the team behind Fonmon Castle say they will also be investing in a new outdoor sport and games area, which will include Disc Golf, Archery, Axe throwing, Football, Netball, Chess and Connect 4.

Mr Mackintosh created Mack Events in 2013 and co-created the hugely successful GlastonBARRY Tribute Festival.

He then sold Mac Events in 2021 and relocated his family to his wife’s hometown in West Wales where he is currently head of a department of over 150 people in the entertainment industry.

Barry And District News: Fonmon Castle has hired Barry-born Ross Mackintosh as operations and events consultantFonmon Castle has hired Barry-born Ross Mackintosh as operations and events consultant (Image: Fonmon Castle)

Now, Mr Mackintosh’s influence is back in beautiful Barry, as the operations and events consultant for Fonmon Castle.

On the appointment, Mr Mackintosh said: “I met with Nigel (Ford – the owner of Fonmon Castle) via a mutual friend a couple of months ago, to talk about some live music events and it developed from there.

“I fell in love with the castle and the people, I have also attended days out here with my family.”

Mr Mackintosh described how Fonmon has “huge potential to grow” saying: “I have just finished putting the yearly event plan together and it’s going to be an exciting time!

“Jurassic Wales, our dinosaur experience will be bigger and better, there’s a new Welsh story trail, a stamp trail for the little ones, beautiful grounds and of course, the castle!

“Themed events are planned with brilliant actors and operational staff bringing it all to life.

“We are opening with a two-week Easter family event, moving on to themed weekend events throughout the year including Princes and Princesses, TV and Film, Superheroes and Villains, Summer Fete and a Classic Car Show. There is more to come, including live music.”

Barry And District News: We were at Fonmon for their Christmas extravaganza 2023We were at Fonmon for their Christmas extravaganza 2023 (Image: Newsquest)

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Mr Ford, who has owned the castle since 2019, says he’s delighted with the direction the castle is going in.

“We are delighted to welcome Mack on board,” said Mr Ford.

“Like me, he is a ‘doing’ person who sees the opportunity in everything and isn’t afraid to think outside the box. 

“I am very excited about the chance of showing our beautiful castle and grounds to even more people, both locally and from further afield.”

Barry And District News: It's recently been revealed an ancient burial site was found on the castle groundsIt's recently been revealed an ancient burial site was found on the castle grounds (Image: Cardiff Uni)

On the relationship with his new boss, Mr Mackintosh said: “I’m excited to work with the Fonmon team and I have great admiration for Nigel.

“We have a great relationship, and I am looking forward to a successful business partnership.”