A BARRY street has been left with a rat infestation after overflowing rubbish spilled into the road.

Locals along Kingsland Crescent have spoken in horror of the seemingly unmaintained rubbish facility that sees "abandoned beds and broken glass lying in the road".

The problem which has gotten ‘worse and worse’ has now led to a rat problem creating an "unhealthy environment" for those living along the road.

In response, the councillor in charge of neighbourhoods said the council has investigated and is looking to find out who is behind the fly-tipping.

Barry And District News: The overflowing rubbish facility on Kingsland CrescentThe overflowing rubbish facility on Kingsland Crescent (Image: Debbie Deol)

Resident, Debbie Deol, said: “There is a big bin shortage, nobody is clearing it and it is not being maintained properly

“There is a lot of fly tipping that goes on, people come and dump 10-15 bags of rubbish.

“The rubbish goes all into the road; it has become a hotspot for it and you even see abandoned beds lying and broken glass lying in the road.

“It is creating an unhealthy environment and now rats have got into our homes.

Barry And District News: The rubbish has caused a rat problemThe rubbish has caused a rat problem (Image: Debbie Deol)

“I don’t feel safe for my children to go down there.

“It’s just got worse and worse over the last couple of years.”

Locals gathered outside the bin facility highlighting that they have had enough of the fly tipping down their road.

Barry And District News: Kingsland Crescent locals outside the rubbish facility Kingsland Crescent locals outside the rubbish facility (Image: Debbie Deol)

Cllr Mark Wilson, Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet member for neighbourhood and building services, said: “This facility is operated by Newydd Housing, so they are the organisation responsible for managing its bin storage.

 “The council has been working with Newydd to address this problem and CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor the situation.

 “We have also carried out investigations to establish those responsible for fly-tipping. A number of individuals have been identified and could face prosecution.

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Barry And District News: The rubbish problem The rubbish problem (Image: Debbie Deol)

 “More material has since been left at this location so Waste Crime Unit Officers have returned to the site to make further enquiries.

 “Fly-tipping is a crime that the council takes extremely seriously, with our officers regularly patrolling known hotspots. 

“Anyone found to be committing this offence could face serious consequences, including a Fixed Penalty Notice, prosecution, fines of up to £50,000 or even imprisonment.”

Jason Wroe, Chief Executive of Newydd Housing Association, said, “We are working closely with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on long term plans to improve the management of the bin store at Kingsland Crescent and wider area. At Newydd we have invested heavily in both responsive and proactive measures to deal with issues of poor waste management in the locality, both by Newydd tenants and by people from further afield who visit the locality to fly tip.

"We have had community pop-up days to consult with tenants and residents in the area, improved the bin provision, employed a company to carry out additional collections, ran awareness campaigns and will shortly be installing CCTV in the area in partnership with the local authority.

"This is all in an attempt to ensure that fly-tipping decreases and more people recycle in the area. We are also working with the local authority to improve the bin store provision and capacity, and to take appropriate enforcement action for those residents who are inappropriately disposing of waste in and around the bin store area.”