BARRY RNLI launched a new all-weather lifeboat yesterday evening, Tuesday, January 9 to mark the 200th year of the lifesaving charity.

The launch of the new Shannon all-weather lifeboat was marked by a traditional eight-bell ceremony at the RNLI lifeboat station in Poole where it was built.

Richard and Caroline Colton II will be the ninth all-weather lifeboat to be stationed at Barry Dock since 1901, where 123 years of lifesaving have witnessed volunteer crew from our community showing the courage and selflessness to save lives at sea.

The RNLI was founded on March 4, 1824 and has saved over 140000 lives since its launch 200 years ago.

A spokesperson for the RNLI said: “Today’s volunteer crew are proud to be a part of the lifesaving tradition and history of our lifeboat station, and to future rescues, this lifeboat will carry out keeping our volunteer crew safe, especially in 2024, the 200th year of the RNLI.

"The Richard and Caroline Colton II will be named in memory of the late Mr Richard Colton who left an extraordinary gift to the RNLI in his will – two classic Ferrari cars.”

The Richard and Caroline Colton II will undergo extensive sea trials and equipment testing before making its way to the Barry Dock Lifeboat Station in March to mark its 200-year anniversary.