A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl was gifted 14 years' worth of Christmas presents pre-bought by her elderly neighbour before he died of cancer.

This December, Cadi Williams will open her sixth mystery present from Ken Watson, who was 87 when he died in 2018.

Mr Watson lived near Cadi’s parents Owen and Caroline Williams, in Barry, for the last two years of his life, and befriended her.

When he died, Mr Watson's daughter Jenny surprised the parents by delivering a sack full of 14 presents for Cadi, then two, from her dad, which she found in his home.

The family were "knocked off their feet" by his generosity - which he had kept secret from everyone.

The unbelievable act of kindness began a tradition of Cadi opening her 'Ken gift' every Christmas Eve - and so far she's received toys, books and games.

Cadi's dad Owen uses #BeMoreKen in his annual Twitter post revealing his daughter's gift, to encourage others to be kind for the sake of being kind, and to get to know their neighbours.

He and mum Caroline, 39, an assistant head teacher, keep the box of presents from Mr Watson in their attic.

Barry And District News: Ken Watson, of Barry, died from cancer in 2018Ken Watson, of Barry, died from cancer in 2018 (Image: SWNS)

Mr Williams, 45, managing director of a social media agency, said: "It was confounding, magical, ridiculous and heart-warming.

"It was the feeling that gets you in the throat - when your brain is processing quicker than your heart can take it."

Barry And District News: In Ken's will, he left neighbour Cadi Williams 14 years worth of Xmas presentsIn Ken's will, he left neighbour Cadi Williams 14 years worth of Xmas presents (Image: SWNS)

The family couldn't wait until Christmas to open the first present from Ken in 2018, so they immediately opened it - a book called Christmas Eve at the Mellops, by Tomi Ungerer.

Cadi later unwrapped a cuddly goat on Christmas the same year and in 2019 she received a train set spelling 'Cadi'.

In 2020 she opened a giant Crayola colouring book and the following year she got a book, Ghostly Beasts by Joan Aiken.

Last Christmas she received the three-book collection of the What Katy Did series by Susan Coolidge.

Barry And District News: The Williams say they were 'knocked off their feet' by the act of kindnessThe Williams say they were 'knocked off their feet' by the act of kindness (Image: SWNS)

Mr Watson was known to his neighbours for being a generous, fatherly figure.

For her first birthday, he gifted Cadi a giant cuddly lion called Elvis, and he went on to buy them for every child on the street - costing £20 a pop.

"I went into a lovely local toy shop called Giggles and I happened to mention to the owner that our neighbour had bought Cadi one of the lions for her birthday," said Mr Williams.

"She replied 'was it Ken?'

"She then told me he came in after seeing them in the window and decided to buy them for all the children in the street."

Barry And District News: Cadi opens a present from the deceased Mr Watson every ChristmasCadi opens a present from the deceased Mr Watson every Christmas (Image: SWNS)

Barry And District News: So far Cadi has had books and a train setSo far Cadi has had books and a train set (Image: SWNS)

Mr Watson was an accomplished man, surprising Mr Williams with tales of his past adventures.

"He had done a wing walk for charity - he was a daredevil in his day," said Mr Williams.

"One of his jobs was as a salvage diver. He was also a master baker for a while, owned a bakery and he baked his own wedding cake.

"The first time I met him in 2015 he was on a ladder in blue overalls bouncing his ladder across the front of his house rather than coming down and moving it across. I looked at my neighbour and mouthed the words of 'what the heck.'"

Mr Williams added: "People are looking for some comfort at Christmas and the reaction has been warm.

"It will remain a tradition (the present opening) and it’s a digital tradition now.

“Humanity has an ability to be very warm and loving but also completely cynical.”