SINCE the Welsh Government introduced the blanket 20mph speed limit to residential roads in September of this year, there has been widespread confusion across Wales about which roads this applies to. 

One road in Gwent could be nicknamed the most confusing in the country - with three speed limits on it in the space of less than a quarter of a mile. 

The small road between Shirenewton and Usk displays speed limits of 20mph, 30mph and 40mph, and the national speed limit of 60mph all within less than a quarter of a mile. 

Barry And District News:

Barry And District News:

At one point, where you approach a community centre and the residential part of Shirenewton, the speed limit jumps from 40mph right down to 20mph. 

As a result, this means when we paid a visit we had to slam on our brakes to ensure our speed dropped down to the new limit, which, as it is for many drivers, could be considered very unsafe. 

This unclear speed limit on the road is already causing confusion among drivers in the area, after one had shared an image of the road with the Argus after being unsure which speed they should be travelling. 

Barry And District News: On this section of the road, you can clearly see signs for 30mph and 20mph less than a quarter of a

Barry And District News:

People across Wales have already expressed their irritation with the decision to drop the residential speed limit across the country, going so far as to call for a U-turn with a petition that secured over 466,000 signatures. 

The Welsh Government has previously claimed the move was to help save lives, and had put a grace period of three months in place to allow people to get used to the new limit. 

That grace period came to an end on Sunday, with speed cameras now in place across Wales to monitor people's driving. 

Barry And District News:

Barry And District News:

Some in local councils had welcomed the 20mph limit, with some roads even being included in the restriction after lobbying from certain groups. 

First minister Mark Drakeford - who announced his resignation from the post on December 13 - had been forced to defend his decision to drop the national speed limit to 20mph in late September following incandescent threats of protest against it. 

A spokesperson for Monmouthshire County Council said: “The speed limit is 30mph for the short section before the 20mph.

"This is to incrementally reduce vehicle speeds going into the 20mph. Due to the rural nature of this lane the 30mph wasn’t extended any further.

"The 20mph is at the correct location in that it is where there is a clear change from a rural to residential environment.”