A town in south Wales has been named as one of the happiest places to live in the UK by property experts Rightmove. 

Rightmove released its 12th annual Happy at Home index on Wednesday (December 6) revealing the happiest locations to live in Britain.

The Happy at Home Index asks residents how they feel about their area based on 13 happiness factors and this year was completed by more than 26,000 people.

Rightmove said the study found that feeling a sense of pride, belonging, and community is most likely to contribute to feeling happy to live in an area. 

These things proved more important than other factors including having access to public transport, schools and job opportunities.

The study also revealed the top reason people said they were looking to move in 2023 was to find a home in an area that makes them happier (37%). 

While around one in three (30%) residents thought they would be happier living in a different area.

Rightmove’s property expert, Tim Bannister, said: “Searching for new areas outside of the city that are still commutable on office days and looking for cheaper properties that are in need of renovation are just some of the actions we’ve seen determined movers take this year.

"The results of this year’s study highlights that residents continue to value living near green spaces and natural beauty, features that became all the more important during the pandemic.

"With moving to an area that makes them happy a key motivator for people looking for their next home, highlighting these types of features nearby could really help sellers looking to appeal to potential buyers.”

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Top 20 Happiest places to live in the UK

Richmond upon Thames was named the happiest place to live in the UK in 2023, according to Rightmove's Happy at Home Index. 

Winchester, in Hampshire, was second, while Monmouth was revealed as the third happiest place to live in the UK. 

Rightmove said this was "the first time an area from Wales has made the top three since 2018".

The top 20 happiest places to live in the UK, according to Rightmove's Happy at Home index are:

  1. Richmond upon Thames
  2. Winchester
  3. Monmouth
  4. Wokingham
  5. Cirencester
  6. Skipton
  7. Hemel Hempstead
  8. Kensington and Chelsea
  9. St Ives
  10. Hexham
  11. Leigh on Sea
  12. Harrogate
  13. Clacton on Sea
  14. Kendal
  15. Galashiels
  16. Weymouth
  17. Woodbridge
  18. Anglesey
  19. St. Albans
  20. Stourbridge

Top 11 happiest places to live in Wales

Rightmove also revealed the top 11 happiest places to live in Wales:

  1. Monmouth (national ranking: 3)
  2. Anglesey (18)
  3. Llandrindod Wells (35)
  4. New Quay (38)
  5. Wrexham (77)
  6. Bridgend (86)
  7. Swansea (94)
  8. Llandudno (100)
  9. Cardiff (136)
  10. Caerphilly (169)
  11. Newport (207)

If you are looking to move, or just fancy taking a look at what is on the market in these areas named happiest places to live in the UK, visit the Rightmove website.