A FILM crew is coming to Monmouth tomorrow - and you could appear as an extra.

Scenes for Eternal Return are being filmed during the morning on Thursday, December 7, at the Savoy Theatre in Monmouth.

People are being asked to attend dressed up for a night at the theatre, as they will be filmed watching the classic performance debut of one of the film's cast members.

The film is set to star Kit Harington of Games of Thrones fame, along with Naomi Scott, who appeared as Princess Jasmine in the live-action Aladdin remake, and veteran thespian Jeremy Irons. It is not known if any of the stars will be in tomorrow's scene.

Anyone is welcome to attend, as they are hoping to fill out the theatre. The filming is not expected to take more than around four hours. 

The event is entirely voluntary, and people will be in attendance with professional supporting artists. 

Volunteers will be asked to sign a release and non-disclosure agreement on arrival, where breakfast, hot drinks and snacks will be provided, as will transport to and from the filming site. 

Anyone interested is asked to send their full name and contact number to productioneternalreturn@gmail.com