People in the Vale of Glamorgan are being encouraged to shop local in the run up to Christmas.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is urging people to support independent traders in their local town centres – in Barry, Penarth, Llantwit Major, and Cowbridge – this festive season.

At a time when many people shop online, shoppers in the Vale are being encouraged to “show love and shop local” this Christmas.

But why should people shop local?

  • Boost the local economy: Shopping at a local business in the Vale of Glamorgan pumps money into the local economy and benefits the area.
  • Help to save jobs and create more: When you buy from a local shop, you’re not helping line the pockets of a wealthy CEO of a national brand, you’re helping a local person who will spend locally.
  • Enjoy a memorable and personal shopping experience: Small businesses often take the time to get to know their customers more and will go the extra mile to ensure you’re a highly satisfied customer.
  • Help your local community to thrive: Shopping at a local town centre business helps them stay open and thriving. With enough people doing the same, it can help make our local communities a better place to live, work and visit.
  • Better for the environment : If you choose to shop locally, you're making a positive environmental impact – supply chains tend to be localised and local businesses often have fewer food miles and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Find originality and choice: Independent businesses offer range of unique products that aren't mass produced so you’re more likely to find original presents. Local shops support local designers, artists, authors, and food producers and growers meaning you can buy products that are unique to the area.

Barry And District News: Support your local town centre this festive season

The VZTA app – available on smartphones – will allow people to explore and discover what local traders in the Vale of Glamorgan have to offer. People can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Principal tourism and marketing officer at the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Nia Hollins, said: “We’d encourage everyone to ‘show love and shop local’ to support businesses in Cowbridge, Barry, Penarth. and Llantwit Major this festive season.

“Our research shows local people say they are keen to shop local and this must be translated into action on our high streets.

“Please show your support and think local, they need you now more than ever.”