MONMOUTHSHIRE County Council has confirmed that over 80 dogs were seized and 11 were killed in a raid at an animal sanctuary.

A warrant was executed on August 15 at Lost Souls, an animal sanctuary in Rogiet, Monmouthshire, after complaints were made over the course of three years about the business which included evidence of alleged neglect.

The council have now launched a criminal investigation.

However, news about the raid at the sanctuary emerged online, leaving the dog rescue community ‘shocked and horrified.’

Members of the public took part in a peaceful protest outside the Senedd in Cardiff on 21 September against the ‘brutal’ actions used by the council.

The demonstration started at 12pm and ended at 3pm with members of the public encouraged to bring placards and posters.

Barry And District News: Luba was a dog belonging to the sanctuary Luba was a dog belonging to the sanctuary (Image: Lost Souls Animal Sanctuary)

82 dogs were taken into the council’s possession under Section 18 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and 11 dogs were euthanised after being assessed in relation to their welfare.

The warrant was executed by Monmouthshire officers, two veterinarians and experienced behaviourists along with Gwent Police.

71 dogs have been temporarily rehomed until the court determines whether they will be placed in the possession of the local authority.

Barry And District News: A warrant was executed on August 15 at Lost SoulsA warrant was executed on August 15 at Lost Souls (Image: Lost Souls Sanctuary)

A Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: “On Tuesday 15th August an entry warrant was lawfully executed at a premises known as Lost Souls Sanctuary in Monmouthshire.

“A warrant was authorised by the courts under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 following numerous complaints, evidence of neglect and prolonged attempts to work with the owner.

“Officers from Animal Licensing Wales were supported by Police officers at the property, where a significant number of dogs were found to be suffering and were taken into possession following expert veterinary advice.

“A criminal investigation is now underway and further information will be provided when it is appropriate to do so.”

The sanctuary has reported certain officers of Monmouthshire County council to the police and RSPCA for actions that ‘potentially contravene the Animal Welfare Act 2006’ on Saturday 9 September and are waiting on whether an investigation will be held.

A spokesperson from Lost Souls Sanctuary said: “Many members of the public have been asking questions about how the decision to kill the dogs was made.

"The county council says that a behaviourist and two veterinary surgeons were involved in the decision making, however we have not received any information about the assessment process or the rationale for their actions. We have questioned the qualifications, experience and knowledge of the individuals concerned in relation to the breeds and types of dogs that were cared for at the sanctuary.

“We have repeatedly asked for a list of the names of the dogs that were killed but have not been given this by Monmouthshire County Council. We have also asked for their standard behavioural and risk assessment documentation in relation to enforcement activities but have been denied access to those.”