THERE can be no two greater words put together in the world than ‘beer’ and ‘festival’. In fact, let’s make that three; ‘Barry’, ‘beer’, and ‘festival’.

The Barry Beer Festival went ahead for 2023.

Organised by the Barry Round Table, beer and anything to celebrate it seems to be blessed, with the conditions glorious as the people of Barry got to sip, gulp or chug (your preference) quality South Wales lagers and gins.

And there were some interesting concoctions at the festival, including beer made from seafood shells and an 8.4 per center to test the head.

Barry And District News: The people of Barry drinking beer!The people of Barry drinking beer! (Image: Barry Beer Festival)

Barry And District News: There were some great beers to taste including one made out of sea shells!There were some great beers to taste including one made out of sea shells! (Image: Barry Round Table)

But, it wasn’t just about sheer enjoyment, there was a serious side to all the beer drinking – raising money for charity.

All proceeds from the festival, which was held in The Yard at Sausage Revolution between September 15 and 17, goes to a new Cheers Fund which is open for applications.

Barry And District News: It was all for charityIt was all for charity (Image: Barry Beer Festival)

Owner of hosts Sausage Revolution, Simon Llewellyn, said, ‘bangers, beer and burgers go together’.

A representative of the beer festival thanked everyone for their help making the joyous celebration of beer happen.

“Thank you to our performers, sponsors and supporters, without whom the event wouldn't happen.

“An extra thank you goes to Simon and the team at The Sausage Revolution, Jonny and Alessio at VOG Brewery and Rob at Tomos and Lilford, along with all the members of Barry Round Table who gave up most of their weekend for the event.

“We look forward to returning bigger and better in 2024.”

Applications to get a donation from the Cheers Fund are open until October 1 via