HOW slow ARE you willing to go?

And how are you finding the new 20mph speed limit?

We were out and about taking some video footage showing people driving to the new speed limit introduced to the Vale and nationally as the Welsh Labour Government’s 20mph rollout commenced on Sunday, September 17.

Almost 13,000km of asphalt, 37 per cent of the country’s roads, have seen speed limits slashed from 30mph to 20mph, leaving just three per cent (980miles) left at the default 30mph limit.

Watch the video below as motorists in Penarth steadily make their way along Stanwell Road

The 20mph limit is now second most regulated speed in Wales driving laws with only 60mph superseding it – 55 per cent of roads are set at 60mph.

But, never mind the numbers, what are the feelings about it? Good move? Bad move? Painfully slow? Do you feel safer?

Barry And District News: Residents of Barry will be taking their time from now onResidents of Barry will be taking their time from now on (Image: Newsquest)

One resident of the Vale commented on Facebook, “Already driving through Penarth and Sully has become painfully slow.

“It’s a joke at 11pm on a quiet night to be trodding along at 20 when we could drive perfectly safe at 30 or 40.”

Another commented, “Speed cameras will be making money off already over-taxed hard-working people.”

Watch the video below as drivers creep up Gladstone Road in Barry

Speed cameras were an issue raised at a recent technical briefing by Welsh Government where it was explained enforcement of the 20mph law by roadside police will be done on an “educational” case-by-case basis for at least a year – basically if they think it's an honest mistake you might avoid a ticket.

However, speed cameras don’t judge on case-by-case basis, they’re set at the NPCC target of 20mph plus two plus 10 per cent (if you’re going at 24 or over in a 20 you’re going to get snapped).

Barry And District News: Driving through Sully. Welsh Gov say the new limit will save livesDriving through Sully. Welsh Gov say the new limit will save lives (Image: Newsquest)

Lee Waters, deputy minister for climate change, told the PA news agency recently any motorist caught driving over 20mph but under 30mph will initially receive advice from the police rather than face a ticket.

 “Very much the intention initially is to educate and to speak to people and not to fine, but over 30mph we will be fining and issuing points,” said Mr Waters.

Welsh Gov are on a big push to promote the 20mph change with Mr Waters posting a walk to school with children amongst the serenity a 20mph speed limit brings.

Barry And District News: People coming through Penarth will have to drive slowerPeople coming through Penarth will have to drive slower (Image: Newsquest)

Mark Drakeford told BBC Radio Wales earlier this month the rollout will “lead to fewer deaths, fewer accidents and is a small price to pay to make sure people are safe”.

Barry and Vale Greens support the move.

The Party’s Robert Curtis said, “Which side of history were you on? Compulsory seat belts? Banning smoking in public areas? Charging for single use plastic bags? Reducing speed in our communities? Change is sometimes inconvenient, but it's the right thing to do."

Watch the video below as motorists take their time through Sully

As would be expected there is opposition from (who would have thought it) the Tories.

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordant said in UK parliament the move by Drakeford and co was “madness”, something Welsh Conservative Andrew RT Davies recently reiterated.

He branded the 20mph limit “beyond insane” in a post on X, formerly Twitter, before directing vitriol towards Mr Waters

“Lee Waters imposed this extreme policy on the Welsh people in an ideological crusade. People will pay the price.”

A petition to “rescind and remove” the 20mph legislation in Wales has picked up more than 60,000 signatures – six times the number needed to be considered for debate in the Senedd.

How are you finding driving in the Vale under the new 20mph speed limit? Like it? Hate it? Let us know by emailing, or message us in comments, or on our Facebook page.