STAFF at Llandough Hospital say they will not be able to make it to work on time anymore, because of proposed bus changes.

Under service changes, to be imposed by Cardiff Bus on September 3, the 95 bus will no longer go to Barry Island. Instead a new B1 circular will link the island to Barry.

For Cara Norman, resident of the island and MDT co-ordinator for neural rehab at Llandough, she says the changes will make her life harder.

"I'm furious,” said 52-year-old Ms Norman. “I have caught the 95 from Barry Island for 20 years.

“With these changes, I will have to walk from my house to the island to get to Morrisons – a walk of 20 minutes – and that will be the same going home.”

Sally Clarke, 62, a nurse at Llandough, said she moved jobs because it was easier to get to work. Now…

“I do not know why they have done this,” said Ms Clarke. “Surely they could have made cuts elsewhere.

“I will have to leave the house earlier, walking in the pouring rain in the winter, it is not a pleasant walk. The island will be isolated.”

Barry And District News: Staff at Llandough Hospital are furious about bus service changesStaff at Llandough Hospital are furious about bus service changes (Image: Supplied)

Letters stuck to the bus stop at Barry have raised concerns about the changes.

One letter said: “I am one of the many elderly residents of Barry Island concerned about the abolishment of the 95 service.

“There is no evening bus service from the island after 4.50pm and no return from King Square after 5.31pm. So are we oldies not allowed off the island after 4.40pm?”

Another letter stuck on the bus shelter said: “The B1 replacement is not fit for purpose. It will only be a circular so will not go direct to Llandough Hospital or University Hospital Wales.”

Barry And District News: Revised bus times for 95 as of Sept 3Revised bus times for 95 as of Sept 3 (Image: Cardiff Bus)

Barry And District News: The new B1, as of Sept 3The new B1, as of Sept 3 (Image: Cardiff Bus)

Cardiff Bus has put cuts down to changes after the pandemic.

In a message on their website, the company said: “For the last few months all bus operators across Wales have been working with Welsh Government, regional authorities and local authorities to work through the funding challenges that are coming to the fore as pandemic support is being withdrawn. 

“These challenges mean the current levels of support being made to all bus operators cannot be maintained.

“In our case, during pre-pandemic times more than 90 per cent of our revenue came from customers making journeys with us. 

“At present we are seeing just over 80 per cent of pre-pandemic customers returning to our services. This is now the new base level that we must work.”

Barry And District News: Bon voyage the 95Bon voyage the 95 (Image: Supplied)

Ms Norman could not believe that using the bus she will no longer get to work on time anymore.

"I’ve accepted having to catch two buses, but the fact I will now not make it to work in time just seems ridiculous."

The Welsh government told the BBC it was supporting councils with bus-priority measures to keep passengers moving and make bus travel more attractive.

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