PEOPLE are reportedly pulling their own teeth out because they cannot get a dentist appointment on the NHS.

This shocking revelation comes as only three dentists in the Vale confirmed – tentatively  – they are accepting any NHS patients.

We phoned round 12 dentists in the Vale and asked if they were taking on new patients, and this was what we found:

  • Three confirmed they were taking on NHS patients, but in limited circumstances such as being under 25 and in full-time education only - one said they are not taking on patients until February next year at the earliest;
  • Three said they were not taking any patients at all – private or NHS;
  • Six were only taking private patients, with the cheapest initial assessment at £35 and most expensive at £65.

One dentist told us the “books are full”, while another said: “We are starting to catch up after the fall back with Covid.

“We had to get that treatment done before we could take on new patients. We are now getting some patients.”

The news comes as the Vale Health Board confirmed its waiting lists for dental care is a whopping 16 months.

In a shocking indictment of dental care in the UK, there are reports people are heading to Turkey for work to save money. Others have admitted doing their own dental work in a desperate attempt to solve issues.

Which dentists in the Vale of Glamorgan are taking on new patients: See the list, below

Dentists in Penarth

Bupa Dental Care, Hickmans Road

Only taking on private patients.

Penarth Dental Care (Andrews building)

Only taking on private patients.

Dentists in Barry

Barry Advanced Dental Care

Only taking on private patients.

Park Crescent Dental Practice

Taking on private patients. For NHS patients, looking at taking on February/March next year.

Porthkerry Dental Centre

Taking on no new patients.

Tynenydd Dental Surgery

Taking on no new patients.

Westquay Dental Practice

Only taking on private patients.

Holton Road Dental Surgery

Taking on private and NHS patients (but only very few NHS patients at the moment).

Windsor Dental Care

Taking on no new patients.

Dentists in other parts of the Vale

Cowbridge Dental Care

Taking on private patients at end of September. Go to the practice to join the scheme which includes a 45-minute initial examination appointment costing £65. Pay-as-you-go options also available. 

NHS patients: Taking on children and anyone under the age of 25 in full-time education.

Castle Court Dental Care, Dinas Powys

Only taking on private patients (adults only). Initial assessment appointment to join cost £35. Pay-as-you-go options available.

Calgary Dental Practice, Llantwit Major

Only taking on private patients. Examination assessment to join the surgery costs £55.

‘Waiting list for dentists currently 16 months’: Vale Health board

The health board told us a centralised waiting list was introduced to help find patients their nearest dentist, however, despite this, waiting lists are still massive.

A spokesperson for Cardiff and Vale Health Board said: "We introduced a centralised waiting list to measure demand for NHS dental services across the region and support patients to find an NHS dentist near their home address.

"The average waiting time for patients on the centralised waiting list is currently 16 months.

“Since April 2022, around 9,000 patients have been allocated an NHS dentist in Cardiff and the Vale.”

The health board went on to give advice on getting dental treatment.

“Any patient across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan who does not have an NHS dentist and is experiencing dental pain or trauma can contact the emergency dental helpline on 0300 10 20 247. A CAV 24/7 clinician will conduct an assessment, provide over-the-phone advice and guidance and book an appointment at one of the emergency dental clinics if appropriate."

Email: to receive a form to get on the NHS waiting list in the Vale.

Email: to find out where you are on the waiting list.

Dentists we want to hear from you. What’s the situation like at your practice? Are you a patient looking for a dentist? Have you managed to get a dentist on the NHS? Do you pay private? Let us know by emailing