A TEEN from the Vale has had a seismic breakthrough in his treatment, receiving a new heart.

Osian Jones, who lives in Barry and goes to Penarth’s Stanwell School, received a new heart at the end of June after suffering a series of heart attacks caused by a strain of Covid known for attacking major organs.

Now, the family hope Osian, 16, is on the road to living a normal life.

On July 15 there is a fundraising walk planned in Penarth and, so far, a GoFundMe page has raised an incredible £25,000 in support of Osian.

‘We went “just” for a check-up, in an instant everything changed’: Osian’s story

Osian’s family describe how on one fateful evening in February, Osian’s life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye.

“On February 27, Osian came home from a friends' saying his chest was hurting and he felt really poorly,” explained Osian’s family. “We rang 111 and they advised to go straight to A and E. We went “just” for a check-up and thought it would be a case of giving us a prescription and sending us home.

“In an instant, all that changed and before we knew it we were being rushed to Bristol Children’s Hospital where Osian was put on the ECMO machine as he had suffered three heart attacks.

“Osian fought all the way and beat all the odds. The heart attacks were caused by a strain of Covid (MIS-C) which is known for attacking major organs and in our case with Osian, it attacked his heart.

“All seemed okay until April 12 when Osian suffered another setback. The team at the hospital told us that they had reached the limit of how they could support Osian and he would need to go to Harefield Hospital (in Uxbridge) where they could get him well enough for a transplant.

“Upon arrival at Harefield, the day before his birthday, Osian was put on the urgent list for a heart transplant.

“He has had many things to conquer along the way at Harefield, but following the transplant on June 30, which took eight hours, Osian now has a new future with a new heart, and we are all on a journey to get home.”

Barry And District News: Osian had to undertake a heart transplant after contracting a rare form of CovidOsian had to undertake a heart transplant after contracting a rare form of Covid (Image: Supplied)

‘What he has endured in the last four months is unbelievable’

Following the transplant, Osian is now on slow recovery in intensive care at Harefield.

The family went on to say: “Osian is more courageous than anyone could ever expect. He has shown strength way above anyone’s expectations.

“The journey he has been on since February, and the operations and procedures he has endured in the last four months has been unbelievable.

“We are overwhelmed and admire his tolerance, patience and understanding of his situation. He has built a fan club amongst the medical teams and is always charming them with his smile, jokes and positive attitude.”

“As his parents, we would like to take this opportunity to express our huge gratitude to family and friends and for the continuous support and love that has been given.”

Click here to go to Osian’s GoFundMe page if you wish to make a donation.

Click here to go to the Osian Jones, Parents And Friends Fundraising Facebook page.

On July 15, a fundraising walk is planned for Osian at Penarth’s Alexandra Park. Meet at 10.30am with the walk planned to take place at 11am.