A WOMAN who relies on a mobility scooter to get around has said she feels trapped after she was left unable to charge her scooter.

Janet Davies, 69, lives at Gwenog Court in Barry, and had been used to charging her scooter in the sheltered accommodation’s communal hall.

However, recently she discovered that the plugs in the communal area had been turned off - forcing her to instead get the scooter in the elevator, along the corridor to her flat, and charge it using an extension lead.

She asked what was going on and was told by staff at the sheltered accommodation that the plug points had been turned off due to fire hazard concerns.

Barry And District News: Gwenog Court in BarryGwenog Court in Barry (Image: Google Maps)

‘It is just terrible’

Ms Davies explained she used to be allowed to charge her scooter in the communal hall, which was a convenient spot for her.

She used to charge it every day, but now she is having to make other arrangements which is affecting her day-to-day life.

“I can’t get out anywhere,” said Ms Davies. “We cannot even get to the bus stop just outside. It means I am going to have to get taxis everywhere I go. It is just terrible.”

A new communal storage area?

After speaking to the Vale Council, who oversee the accommodation, it’s been revealed concerns over people being able to enter and leave the building safely is why power has been turned off.

The communal hall and entranceway has up to ten plugs which were often used by residents to charge their scooters. Now the council is coming up with a plan to create a “communal storage area” that is safe for all residents to use.

A spokesperson for the Vale of Glamorgan Council explained: “Many of our tenants at Gwenog Court use mobility scooters and other mobility aids.

“Plans are currently being developed to create a communal storage area for all tenants to use.

“In the meantime, we have to ensure that all tenants are able to enter and exit the building safely, especially in the event of an emergency.

“We are very grateful to all tenants for bearing with us while we make changes.

“Our housing team will continue to support those who are having difficulties storing their own equipment.”