FANS  of McDonald's iconic burger, the Big Mac can now save on the tasty treat with this handy trick.

As one McDonald's worker has shared how you can order a bigger Big Mac that costs less than the standard on-offer menu item.

It comes as the worker based at a branch in Scotland shared the trick with The Sun, letting customers save and enjoy at the golden gates.

Get a bigger Big Mac for less

Sharing the hack, the McDonald's worker said that you need to work outside the typical structure, instead building the item off the menu: “For building off the menu, if you were to order two double cheeseburgers and ask for them to have Big Mac sauce and lettuce on them, that’s actually cheaper than buying a Big Mac.”

Adding that you are “basically getting the same thing but with two extra bits of meat on it.”

Alongside the Big Mac, there is a handy way to grab some extra chicken nuggets, according to the staff member.

As they added that it works out cheaper to grab a box of 20 nuggets instead of two six or two nine, sharing: “This one is probably more well known but loads of people will come through in a pair and order either two six chicken nuggets meals or two nine nugget meals.

“But it’s cheaper in both cases to get one 20 nuggets - which you could ask to be split over two boxes if you wanted - two chips and two drinks.

“It’s cheaper than two six-nugget meals and you end up getting eight more nuggets."

McDonald’s branches in the Vale of Glamorgan:

  • Ty Verlon Industrial Estate, Barry
  • Valegate Retail Park, Culverhouse Cross