Households in Wales could claim up to £600 to help with the cost of energy bills.

There are a range of schemes, set up by the Government, aimed at providing support when it comes to paying household energy bills. 

There are two schemes still open that Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability, Amanda Solloway, has urged residents across Wales to check if they may be eligible for.

Ms Solloway, said: “Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on energy prices around the world – we have acted quickly to help customers in Wales and across the UK with their bills.

“This meant we covered around half of a typical household’s energy bill this winter, with most customers receiving this discount straight to their bills.

"But there are some groups we need to come forward to get their support – and there is still time to do so.

“People could still receive hundreds of pounds in savings, so please don’t miss out – use our online portal and helplines to check if you’re eligible and get an application in before 31 May.”

How to claim up to £600 in energy bill support?

The Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS AF) offers £400 to those who don’t have a direct relationship with a domestic electricity supplier.

While people who use alternative fuels – such as heating oil, LPG or biomass – to heat their homes, can apply for the Alternative Fuel Payment Alternative Funding scheme. 

Eligible households can apply for £200 under the scheme if they couldn’t receive the support automatically.

But people will have to be quick as both schemes have a deadline of May 31.

Barry And District News: The deadline the make a apply for energy bill support is May 31.The deadline the make a apply for energy bill support is May 31. (Image: PA)

Households can get more details and apply for either of the support schemes via the website.

There are also customer helplines to call - 0808 175 3287 for EBSS AF applications, and 0808 175 3943 for the alternative fuels scheme.

The helplines are also useful for those who have already made a claim and are unsure as to why your application has not been successful.