BARRY’S black fox has been captured after over two weeks on the loose, but now the RSPCA say there could be another fox out there in need of help.

Tragically, Shadow, as he’s been named, is believed to have been abandoned, but now he is in the safe care of an animal sanctuary Animals Interactive.

Barry And District News:

A black fox called Shadow was eventually captured. All photos Black Fox UK

Mysterious reports of a black fox in Barry

Animal charity, Black Foxes UK began receiving numerous reports of an abandoned ‘silver fox’ on April 8.

There were several attempts to catch Shadow, which proved unsuccessful, however, with the help of local authority animal warden and cat rescue, Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary, Black Foxes UK were able to rescue Shadow.

The fox, which is male and appears to be around two-years-old, has been named Shadow by rescuers and has been roaming Barry and frequenting public places for support for just over two weeks.

There were reports the fox had a leg injury, but Shadow appears to be in good health and was taken to Vets4Pets in Barry, Wales.

Shadow is described as very confident around people and was clearly well-socialized prior to his escape.

Shadow has now found a secure facility at Animals Interactive, that will provide him a home.

It is possible there may be a second fox, which is the fox with the injury, but this remains to be made clear.

Barry And District News:

Shadow had been on the loose for over two weeks

Barry And District News:

Shadow was captured with the help of local authority animal warden and cat rescue, Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary

Barry And District News:

Shadow seemed to have no injuries and is now at an animal sanctuary

RSPCA condemned ownership of foxes as pets

The silver fox became popular pets in the UK in around 2006, when Dangerous Wild Animals laws were relaxed and exotic pet keeping became a more popular hobby within the UK.

There are currently no legal requirements for the keeping of silver foxes in the UK.

“Silver foxes are the same species as the red foxes we have living wild in the UK, but with different colouration,” said a RSPCA spokesperson.

“Traditionally, they were bred for their fur, but are now sometimes kept as exotic pets.

“Foxes are wild animals with very specific needs that are no different to those of foxes living in the wild and they require specialist care.”

The most common colours of captive-bred North American red fox kept in the UK are silver, cross (red with a black pattern), platinum (white with a pale red or silver pattern) and red.

The RSPCA spokesperson continued: “Even the most experienced fox experts have had difficulty keeping adult foxes successfully, therefore the RSPCA does not advise or condone keeping foxes as pets.

“The RSPCA advises anyone thinking of getting any kind of exotic pet to fully research the animal’s specific needs before making a decision.

“Exotic pets can live a long time, grow to a large size and need to be taken to an exotics vet if they become ill, which can be expensive."

If you would like to contribute towards Shadow’s ongoing care and veterinary costs, visit the Black Foxes UK funding website for the donation link:

If a second injured fox is seen, please contact the RSPCA emergency line on 0300 1234 999.

See the amazing work Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary do at their Facebook page, here.