A SHOCKING photo indicates the state of homelessness in a prosperous South Wales county.

The Vale of Glamorgan is known for its stunning scenery and picturesque towns, including Penarth and Cowbridge.

However, all does not seem rosy in the Vale at the moment after a photo shared on social media appeared to show someone sleeping rough at the entrance to the offices of the Vale of Glamorgan County Council in Holton Road, Barry.

County resident Lesley Wyatt fumed when he saw the person on the steps of the very council that is supposed to help them, suggesting they should let them into one of the many empty offices.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said the housing department is under pressure, with thousands on the waiting list for social housing.

“The council offers people facing homelessness a range of temporary housing options before more permanent accommodation can be found through our Homes 4 U system," said the spokesperson.

“Unfortunately, due to extreme behaviours, some service users find it hard to retain these placements. The council will continue to work with people in this situation, offering access to meals and other support.

“Clearly the reception area of our Civic Offices is not somewhere we want to see people laying on the floor, but this was a unique situation and one that needed to be dealt with carefully and sensitively."

'Displayed like he's in a zoo'

County resident Lesley Wyatt gave a scathing assessment of the council after seeing the person at the steps of the council offices.

Mr Wyatt said the council should have let them in and provide them with shelter.

"The state of the council," fumed Mr Wyatt. "When I asked why he was there the reply was he is entitled to a warm space.

"How's about open up one of the many empty rooms in the building and give him some privacy, instead they leave him there in full display like he's in a zoo!"

Barry And District News:

Mr Wyatt seethed at what he saw

Vale Council reveal extent of homeless issue with several thousand on waiting list for social housing

The council admitted the housing department is under pressure with thousands said to be on the waiting lists for housing.

The spokesperson added: “There are significant pressures facing the council’s Housing Department at the moment, with several thousand on the waiting list for social housing.

"This can mean it takes time to support applicants to identify appropriate accommodation.

“The council is working hard to increase the number of new homes built, this includes building more council houses but also working with registered social landlords to increase supply.

"There are a number of new homes scheduled to be completed over the next few months, which will provide much needed accommodation for people in housing need.”

The council went on to say they were in the process of offering the person in the photo accommodation and he has since found a placement.

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