GAVIN and Stacey stars Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb were back at Barry Island on what was described as possibly one of the worst days they could have come (a wash out).

Despite the weather, the actors behind Pam and Mick – surely one of the most iconic couples in British TV history – had a great time, according to Barry Leisure Park owner Henry Danter.

Mr Danter bumped into the pair when they were filming for their latest series Alison & Larry: Billericay to Barry, which is set to air on Gold later this year.

There was reportedly a big filming operation on the island on Wednesday, March 15, with around 25 crew members (attempting) to film the new series in appalling conditions.

Barry And District News:

Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb were in Barry filming Alison & Larry: Billericay to Barry

Barry And District News:

Mr Danter welcomed the actors to his leisure park

Despite it raining heavily, that didn’t stop Mr Lamb riding the famous Barry Island dodgems, according to Mr Danter.

“I was on the dodgems with Larry Lamb,” said Mr Danter.

“They booked it six months ago, but I was sworn to secrecy.”

That booking was to film the TV series – not to use the dodgems – and Mr Danter said the pair would return to the island, not just to have another crack at filming, but to bring their grandchildren on holiday.

“It was probably the worst day they could have come here,” explained Mr Danter, “But they had a great time in the end.

“They came here when it was raining and miserable, but when they left they were full of smiles and would not have been happier if they’d won the lottery.”