FLY-TIPPING is, unfortunately, not an uncommon sight at certain hotspots across, but a recent incident strikes a slightly different 'tone'.

Pictures taken up on the Blorenge mountain above Abergavenny by Craig Titchener show that someone has taken the time to transport two pianos up the hill to then dump.

The pianos, one upright and one baby grand, have been crudely discarded in "the first layby on the left past the old Cordell pub", Mr Titchener said.

One commenter said one of the pianos should be "restored right where it is and left as a community piano".

The Blorenge is no stranger to fly-tipping, with household waste, building waste and - somewhat ironically - a recycling bin among items dumped at the Foxhunter car park in January.

At the time, Monmouthshire County Council have said they were stepping up efforts to combat the issue.

They said that, four years ago, the council's 'street cleansing' service had been reviewed.

"We have been steadily strengthening our approach to evidence gathering and enforcement," a council spokesperson said.

"Most recently alongside colleagues in environmental health, we worked with NRW [Natural Resources Wales] to provide evidence against an individual that led to a successful prosecution for fly tipping in Wentwood Forest.”

MCC have been contacted for comment on this most recent incident of fly-tipping.