LEISURE Park owner Henry Danter has hit back at concerns that his proposed holiday camp plans will affect the tranquillity and safety of a nearby hospice.

Mr Danter plans to build holiday accommodation on a 20-acre site next to Tŷ Hafans childrens’ hospice in Barry.

The Barry Island Leisure park owner predicts thousands could use the camp, bringing much-needed money and jobs to the southern coast of Wales.

Tŷ Hafan responded to Mr Danter’s proposals by saying they were unsure exactly what the plans were, but that the safety and tranquillity of their patients is paramount and they were “concerned”.

Mr Danter has now hit back saying there is no proof noise and disturbance will affect Tŷ Hafan.  

“They are saying we would create noise,” said Mr Danter. “There is no proof any of that is true. These are unfounded claims and imaginations looking to put a spanner in the works.”

Mr Danter, who owns three leisure resorts and has been in the caravan park business for over half a century says he’s never had any problems with his sites.

“I have a number of caravan sites and as far as I know we have never had a problem,” said Mr Danter.

The leisure park owner was also willing to meet with anyone who had concerns about his plans, an offer that was also made by Tŷ Hafan.

Barry And District News:

Barry Leisure Park owner Mr Danter says the plans will bring money and jobs to the area

Barry And District News:

Tŷ Hafan, between Barry and Sully, could have a holiday camp next to them 

Watch the video below as Henry Danter explains his plans for a holiday camp in Barry

"We hope that our concerns are obvious to businesses and members of the local community"

Tŷ Hafan say they have not seen any details yet, so have not had an opportunity to understand fully what is proposed for the land immediately adjacent to the hospice.

“It goes without saying that the security, safety, privacy and tranquillity of our hospice, and its sensory and memorial gardens, is of paramount importance to the children with life-shortening conditions, and their families, who use our facilities and access the unique care and support we provide 24/7,” said a charity spokesperson.

“As a charity, and with our hospice itself located in Sully, a community that has always supported us, we hope that our concerns are obvious to businesses and members of the local community, including those who make planning decisions.”

Barry And District News:

Tŷ Hafan say their patients' safety is paramount

The hospice went on to say they invite anyone connected to the proposed development to get in touch so they can share information with them about what they do, and why the “security, safety, privacy and tranquillity” of the hospice and gardens “cannot and must never, be compromised”.

At the moment the plans are in the process of being submitted to Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning department, before going through an eight-week decision process.