YOU might think food banks are needed just for people as society grapples with the cost-of-living crisis, but what about pets…

A pet food bank service has come to Barry, conveniently called the Pet Food Bank Service, run by Debi Emmet, 48, chief executive trustee of the charity.

We went to meet Ms Emmet and French bulldog rescue Ruby (chief greeter and quality control engineer), at their new warehouse on Sully View, just off Cardiff Road, where Ms Emmet explained a little about the charity.

“I started it because a friend of mine told me about dogs being left in shelters,” explained Ms Emmet, “particularly older dogs and they were dying in the shelters.”

From there, Ms Emmet set up the charity in her garden shed, providing crates of food for animals whose owners are grappling with the rising costs of living.

Pet Food Bank Service offers wet and dry food, building crates that can last one dog enough for eight days.

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A food bank especially for pets has come to Barry

Watch the video below as we meet the Pet Food Bank Service

There certainly seems to be a need for it, with the charity growing massively, from the spare room of Ms Emmet’s home in Cardiff, to providing 60,000 pet food meals last year.

Ms Emmet told of some of the tragic stories of what she sees with owner-pet behaviour at food banks.

“A lot of people will ask for pet food when they won't ask for themselves,” said Ms Emmet. “One lady fed her dog pasta knowing it was not good for them, but it was all she had."

Ms Emmet went on to say a lot of people are going to food banks with the intention of getting food that can feed themselves and their pets.

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Chief greeter and quality control engineer Ruby 

Barry And District News:

Packages are made for one dog to last eight days - there's also cat food

Help is now here though, as Pet Food Bank Service made the major move to Barry, finding the perfect warehouse site – six months rent paid with a generous donation from the National Lottery.

And the charity doesn’t want to stop there, with the future aim of having an accessible outlet everywhere across South Wales.

Barry And District News:

Ms Emmet said it was a big move coming to their first warehouse, here in Barry

Donations can be picked up at Castleland Community Centre food share in Barry and if you are wishing to donate, donation bins can be found across South Wales at leading supermarkets, including Tesco. The nearest one to Barry is currently Ely Vets4Pets on Cowbridge Road, Cardiff, (CF5 5BY).