A TRUST farm which is a vital home to three different charities in the area is about to go through a major renovation.

Amelia Trust plans to transform its old café building into a space with improved access and facilities for people with disabilities, including the creation of an Adult Changing Space. 

There are also plans to make the building more environmentally sustainable, with better roof insulation, new double glazing and the introduction of micro-renewables.

Thanks to a grant from the Vale of Glamorgan’s Strong Communities Fund, Amelia Trust has been consulting with stakeholders and others in the local community to find out what future developments people would like to see at the farm. 

As a result, Dennis Hellyar Architects has been appointed to put together plans for a community café which will incorporate an Adult Changing Space, a new entrance with improved access, and measures to transform an old building into a more environmentally sustainable space.

Barry And District News:

(Amelia Trust Farm supports disadvantaged young people, adults with learning disabilities, and veterans of the armed forces)

The new community café will be an important hub for volunteers, many of whom value the opportunity to work at the farm because it provides social networks to combat loneliness and isolation and improve wellbeing.

The newly refurbished building will also provide a central meeting space for community groups such as mothers and toddlers, book clubs and photography groups.

Director of Amelia Trust, Karen Turnbull said big things are ahead for the farm.

“We are very excited following submission of our first stage grant applications to the Welsh Government and the National Lottery to refurbish the café building, we have been invited to the second stage of the process,” said Ms Turnbull. 

“While this does not mean we have been guaranteed funding, it does mean we are one step closer to success and achieving our vision for a community café where no one feels excluded.”

Barry And District News:

(The farm could receive funding for a renovated cafe)

Amelia Trust Farm is a special place for many in the local community supporting disadvantaged young people, adults with learning disabilities, and veterans of the armed forces, who all benefit from the therapeutic environment at the Farm.

If you or your community group are interested in finding out more about this project or you think you or your group could benefit from working with Amelia Trust please email general@ameliatrust.org.uk or call 01446 782030.