IT could be the biggest development yet in the 158-year history of a prestigious Vale beer brand.

The Vale of Glamorgan brewery (VOG) has just taken its biggest step yet, moving into a new premises that will offer the company the chance to search for a world class beer.

The Vale of Glamorgan brand is over 150 years old, having started in 1865.

It’s now in the safest hands it’s ever been in, with Barry Hibert and Craig Edmunds as directors - Craig is a technology scientist, bringing some pretty exacting standards to producing the ultimate beer.

The new brewery is located in the barely finished Atlantic Business Park industrial estate, with shiny new vats and a brand new office.

“It’s amazing to be here,” said Craig. “There’s so much more space.

"Our older breweries were always compromised by us having to fit in there, but this time round we have been able to build the brewery from scratch.”

Barry And District News:

(VOG's brand new brewery)

Barry And District News:

(From left: Geoff Malvisi; Alessio Agostini; Jonny Price; and Craig Edmunds)

The first beer was brewed on the site on the third week of January.

On that world class beer, which got this reporter’s attention, Craig looked across the table at sales manager Jonny Price, smiled and said, “I’m thinking a massive fruit bomb.

“We have always wanted to brew a world class beer,” explained Craig. “Most of our beers are great, but we have not yet brewed that world class beer yet.”

Watch the video below as Craig shows the new brewery with master brewer Alessio Agostini of Trento, Italy, and Alessio reveals how Welsh and Italian drinkers compare!

Barry And District News:

(Director Craig Edmunds says it's the first site where they could set up the brewery from scratch)

It could happen at any moment and when it does that beer will be put on social media network Untapped where fellow breweries and consumers will decide whether VOG has achieved that truly world class beer.

It’s just one step in VOGs success story.

The company already provide for a number of pubs in the area including The Butterfly Collector, Craft Republic and King William, and further afield the likes of Penarth, the Pilot, Golden Lion, and Sully, The Sully Inn

Their beers are also brewed nationwide from breweries in Kent to Blackpool.

After creating the 2017 Champion Beer of Wales, the famous Dark Matter, VOG look to scale the next height.

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