CRIME and drug taking has got so bad in Dina Powys that chickens are getting stoned, according to residents.

Others said the town had gone to the dogs as locals attended an emergency meeting with police about a spate of issues in the area.

It was described by Sergeant Samantha Johnson, of South Wales Police, as one of the biggest turnouts she’d seen in 18 years on the force as almost 50 residences turned up at Dinas Powys library on January 30 to speak to officers about what they are seeing happening.

Concerns included:

  • Assaults
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Urinating in the open on platforms at the local train station
  • And a woman’s chickens becoming high on drugs

One of the meeting attendees said elderly residents he had spoken to were scared to report crimes as youths ran amock.

This included the shockingly brazen incident of a gang of masked youths walking up people's driveways attempting to break into cars – one car allegedly had cash stolen from it.

Ring Doorbell footage posted on Facebook shows youths walking up to cars in the middle of the night and seeing if they are open.

Drug taking is said to be a real issue. One woman at the meeting told the story of how her chickens become stoned after a gang of youths smoked marijuana the other side of her fence.

One woman said she challenged a youth who was urinating on the platform at the local station. The youth allegedly turned round to her and said, “can you see my f****** c***?"


Barry And District News:

(Tesco's six foot window was smashed due to vandalism)

Watch the video below as youths are caught on camera walking past cars trying to open the doors.


Fly tipping and vandalism were said to be a massive problem, with the local Tescos having to pay thousands of pounds to have a six foot window repaired after it was allegedly smashed by youths.

Barry And District News:

(A woman told a local Dinas Facebook group about her car being broken into)

OVO Bikes were introduced to the area – similar to the Boris Bike idea – however in Dinas the bikes haven’t been taken up the way Boris’ bikes are used in London, aka for riding.

Instead, residents report seeing youths coming up to the bikes and smashing them, forcing them off their stands then dumping them around the area.

Barry And District News:

(Residents held an emergency meeting with officers at Dinas Powys library)

Barry And District News:

(Sergeant Samantha Johnson and PCSO for Dinas Samuel Martin listened to residents concerns)

PCSO for Dinas, Officer Samuel Martin, who also attended along with Sgt Johnson, said the meeting was arranged to give residents the chance to speak openly about their concerns.

“After a number of concerns had been placed on the Dinas Powys Facebook Page, the meeting was a great success with nearly fifty residents from the community in attendance,” said Sgt Johnson and Officer Martin.

“One of the issues raised was around reporting incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour.  PCSO Samuel Martin provided information on the different reporting options, which are listed below.”

Contacting the police for different levels of incidents

Want to tell us something or report an incident emergency

  • By phone Emergency 999

Want to tell us something or report an incident non-emergency?

  • Online
  • By telephone 101

Stay anonymous - Crimestoppers

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  • By phone 0800 555 111 ...

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