A MUM-of-three from Barry has told of her incredible turn around in fortunes after almost losing her home being unable to make her mortgage repayments.

Amanda Lawrence was on the brink of losing her family home in 2008, after becoming unwell.

Amanda told of the immense stress which led to her begging the mortgage lender not to evict her and her young family.

Despite the imminent crisis, Amanda manged to survive, finding a mortgage rescue scheme. Now the 51-year-old is happy in her home in Barry 15 years

“It was the most stressful year of my life,” said Amanda.

“I was spending all my time on the phone to the mortgage lender, explaining: ‘We can’t pay you. Please don’t evict us.’

“We were constantly having to think about what we’d do if we lost our home. What would we put in storage? We were so overwhelmed. It was a very tense time for us.”

Amanda and her husband went to Citizens Advice and were referred to Shelter Cymru, where their caseworker suggested the mortgage rescue scheme.

Now Shelter Cymru is calling on the Welsh Government to create a new mortgage rescue scheme after there has been no funding for mortgage rescue since 2010.

Wendy Dearden, policy and public affairs manager for Shelter Cymru, warned cases of mortgage struggles are on the rise.

“Most people can only imagine the stress of potentially losing a home, which they have emotionally and  financially invested inm,” said Wendy.

“The gauge on that stress moves ever higher each month as the arrears figures grow and the inevitability of the situation takes hold."

Barry And District News:

(Amanda says if it wasn't for Shelter Cymru she could have lost her home)

Shelter Cymru dealt with 126 cases between August and November 2022, compared to 87 during the same period in 2021, representing a 45% increase.

Amanda added if it wasn’t for mortgage rescue, she does not know where her family would be now.

“Mortgage rescue saved our family,” said Amanda. “We were lucky, but I know of other people who have lost their homes. It’s heartbreaking.”

If you need help with housing costs, visit Shelter Cymru here.