A MOTHER of a disabled child is living in what can only be described as damp hell, with her council house riddled with mould and peeling walls.

Shocking pictures and videos show water running down walls, mouldy floorboards, and plaster peeling off walls, as the council struggle to get a handle on Koral Clarke’s damp nightmare.

It’s everyone’s worse fear – a home riddled with damp - but Koral is living it, along with her 14-year-old son Ieuan who suffers with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) - a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness.

Incredibly, Koral, who lives on the town's Port Road East, has lived with the problem for five years, with the issue continually coming back each year after she’s told by the council that it’s fixed and she’s paid for redecoration.

Koral and her family have had enough and are sick of getting fobbed off by the council.

“Every year without fail there has been damp in the property,” said Koral. “The council always say either there is no damp or they have resolved the problem.”

“At the moment they say they will get an inspector out in March to look at the issue. I am sick of being fobbed off by them.”

Barry And District News:

(Koral and her family, including disabled son Ieuan, have had to live with the damp for five years)

Barry And District News:

(Her council flat has serious damp issues)

See the video below of Koral's damp hell

Koral is convinced there is an issue with the roof, with the damp coincidentally coming when it rains, running the height of the building from the first floor ceiling to the ground floor, however Koral says the council refuse to see that as a problem.

The council acknowledged the problem and said they may look into redesigning the roof to solve the problem.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesperson said: “The council is aware of this issue and has cleared a blockage to the gutter outlet on the roof.  This matter was treated as an emergency, with work carried out the same day it was brought to our attention. 

“The gutter may have been blocked for some time leading to damp appearing in the property, an issue amplified by heavy rain this month.

“To prevent future problems arising, the council is looking to redesign the roof so that excessive rainfall isn’t forced into the house.”

See the video below of Koral's damp hell

Barry And District News:

(The damp seems to coincide with heavy rain spells)

Barry And District News:

(Koral thinks there's a problem with the roof but the council are not sure)

Barry And District News:

(The council have ackowledged the issue and say they are looking into it)

For Koral the damage is already done though, raising a disabled child in difficult circumstances.

“I am depressed, angry, upset, frustrated, and at my wits end with the council,” said Koral.

“They are on my back straight away if I pay my rent late, but when I need them they are nowhere to be seen. There is no remorse.”